Our Projects

Our Beginnings

As a response to the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence, the Rotary Club of Melbourne Family Violence Group provided funding to train therapists in several Melbourne family services how to treat trauma in children. Over 50 child therapists were trained in two years.

In 2018 the Rotary Club of Melbourne funded training by Dr Derek Farrell, President of Trauma Aid Europe, to teach EMDR Therapy to 18 therapists working with refugees how to treat PTSD and other trauma-related issues at Foundation House - The Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture.

After the 2019/2020 bushfires devastated Australia the Trauma Recovery Network Australia was formed under the Rotary Action Group for Family Safety. A Bushfire Recovery Grant was provided by Rotary Districts 9800 and 9820 to train therapists in fire affected areas. 

Despite the numerous lockdowns which began in March 202O, we were able to train over 60 mental health clinicians in Bairnsdale, Wangaratta and Bega including surrounding areas. 

Where We Are Now

During this period of formation, we developed a network of committed EMDR therapists to support areas affected with disaster,  registered Harm Prevention Charity and developed this community website to increase our ability to attract members and be able to develop an effective program of response for mental health professionals.

Our focus also includes rural and remote areas which are moderately populated but vulnerable to natural disasters as they are along shorelines in forest edges.

Our Future

We would like every mental health clinician to have the skills to treat trauma when needed to improve family safety, relieve unnecessary stress and resolve trauma-related conditions.

Past Workshops

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Your donation helps us to reach areas most in need, every community therapist we train may help up to 500 people a year, every year.

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