Trauma Recovery Network Australia

We are EMDR Therapists who treat trauma and help people recover from PTSD. Our aim is to build the capacity of local mental health clinicians in rural and remote areas to provide trauma treatment after disasters and be part of the ongoing development of healthy communities. By closing the gap in mental health service delivery, we can make a difference for those who live in areas vulnerable to natural disasters and isolation.

We teach evidence-based EMDR therapy recommended by the World Health Organisation for effective mental health care for adults and children exposed to trauma and loss.

What is EMDR?

Building Resilient Communities

Because we provide early intervention after disaster and at times of crisis, the TRNA is registered as a DGR1 Harm Prevention Charity. By teaching local mental health workers how to treat trauma, we help intervene in the development of abusive behaviour that can occur when a community is under extreme stress.  We build a team local mental health clinicians with high level trauma treatment skills to continue recovery support long after the disaster has passed.

Your donation helps to increase positive outcomes for families and children by reducing traumatic stress.

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Our Projects

The TRNA is systematically building the capacity for communities to treat trauma with local providers. Our focus to date has been on providing EMDR training to mental health clinicians in the bushfire affected regions of NSW and Victoria. 

For every regional therapist trained in EMDR therapy, the service gap reduces and more people are able to recover from PTSD, depression and other anxiety disorders. 

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ACNC Registered Charity

Your donation helps us to reach areas most in need, every community therapist we train may help up to 500 people a year, every year

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By registering though the TRNA, we receive a commission which is used to support our programs