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WeMind EMDR is an all-in-one solution for Online EMDR Therapy. It provides standard and innovative tools for memory activation, bilateral stimulation, and memory taxation. Of value for any EMDR therapist, it has been developed in collaboration with EMDR experts and is informed and updated with the latest EMDR-researches. Our advanced system will improve treatment effectiveness and efficiency. Your client’s SUD will drop faster.

Our members have trialled the program and report that processing is not only easier to do both online and in the office, but the platform increases the speed in which memories are processed.


Your donation helps us to reach areas most in need, every community therapist we train may help up to 500 people a year, every year.

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Big Serve Bayside Tennis Tournament

You and your doubles partner are set for a fun day. The twist? Oversized racquets and special rules - and it’s all in the name of a good cause. There will be food, celebrities, prizes, plus much, much more! So it's time to rally for mental health!

Sunday October 29th 2023 1PM - 5 PM Beaumaris Tennis Centre

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