We build sustainable capacity to treat trauma. 

Your donation will help us to:

  • Train regional and rural mental health clinicians in EMDR,
  • Provide EMDR therapy to first responders and provide support to regional EMDR therapists (help them, so they can help many) when they and their services are overwhelmed during disasters,
  • Conduct research to assess the efficacy of EMDR training for rural therapists, 
  • Provide mentoring and advice to therapists in complex situations, and
  • Create a group of local therapists who have the professional skills to resolve the everyday adverse life experiences that many clients present with.


Your donation helps us to train and support community mental health clinicians who are the first responders in disasters and the local workforce responsible for building mental health resilience. A full time community therapist sees an average of 500 clients and family members in a year, with over 50% presenting with trauma-related mental health issues. By training 10 therapists to treat trauma, over 2500 people can access the help they need locally when they need it.

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Responding to Disasters

  • Provide immediate support to first responders in disaster situations
  • Help stabilise communities in times of crisis
  • Treat ongoing mental health issues for those affected by disaster

Lifelong Care for Communities

While learning how to treat trauma post-disaster can help communities heal more quickly and move forward, the EMDR skills learned by therapists are used daily with the numerous reasons clients present for therapy. Life is full of unexpected, and sometimes quite disturbing, experiences. However, EMDR therapy is known to help people move forward from these events in positive and natural manner. A therapist will often be asked to help with motor vehicle accidents, assaults, loss of family or friends, family violence, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying and other everyday experiences.

Changing lives affected by childhood exposure to trauma or violence at any age

Research has shown the biggest predictor of both physical and mental health decline is childhood abuse and/or neglect. While this is known in the mental health sector, it is an issue that is unpleasant to confront and not often discussed in public forums.

By learning how to treat trauma, therapists can help their clients with mental health disorders related to adverse childhood experiences such as depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation and PTSD. The 2023 Australian Childhood Maltreatment Study of adults between 16-65+ shows the extent of childhood trauma from sexual, emotional and physical abuse as well as neglect and exposure to domestic violence.

How your contributions help impact lives

"I have recently been recipient to EMDR therapy to treat PTSD and it has quite literally changed my life, and I feel so passionately about everyone being able to access it who needs it. I have sent a donation to help support the great work you are doing, as it is so... so important!"

 - Anonymous, March 2024

I have been regularly using EMDR with my clients for six months or more, and am seeing really great results. I have been able to close some long-term clients who were very stuck with overwhelming fear related to specific traumatic memories of the fires by using EMDR.

- Robyn Smith, Royal Flying Doctor Service - Victoria

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