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We invite all EMDR trained therapists to join our online community to share knowledge and support each other as we help others. To join you must have completed the first part (initial) training with an EMDR Association approved/accredited training provider in Australia or overseas. 

There is no joining fee, though we do encourage you to donate to help us build our program for therapists in rural communities as well as coordinate disaster response. 

We are a not-for-profit charity organisation which seeks funding through donations, sponsorships and grants. All donations are tax deductible. 

Community Health Workers

We learned from the pandemic the importance of health workers as the "first responders" managing community well-being. When a crisis occurs, we seek to connect with the local health professionals to provide support if needed to deal with overwhelming demand. 

Public Supporters

You can help us help others when we create community projects. In addition to newsletters, we will notify  you about projects or activities in targeted disaster areas.

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Your donation helps us to reach areas most in need, every community therapist we train may help up to 500 people a year, every year.

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